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We are the certified installation service for Fibaro and KNX systems. With many years of experience in designing, installation, and configuring home automation systems. We’ll help to choose and lay out the design. As well as integrate your automation system with alarms and ventilation systems.

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Smart automated homes are a reality now. The development of technologies, miniature systems and wireless controls made it possible to install them anywhere. Doesn’t matter the house is new or old. Its possible in small apartments and large mansions as well. The ability of wireless control helps to reduce the installation costs and increase the savings due to the automatisation possibilities. The only lighting control with the use of motion and light intensity sensors saves more than half of the electricity consumed (Philips source).
Home automation system that can adjust the indoor temperature according to the actual and forecast weather helps save 10% of energy when reducing your thermostat setting by just 1°C.

Check ! the possibilities of the Fibaro system.



Another great way to save is smart roller blinds control. During spring and summer it greatly reduces the usage of electricity or lightning as well as helps maintain the set temperature in your house, reducing the heating bill. In winter roller blinds with electric drive can provide additional thermal insulation of windows, which allows to improve the heat flow index by up to 39% (source: Research Institute of Building Physics).
Our blinds work with smart home modules systems. Wireless communication can be based on the Z-Wave standard, Wi-Fi, radio connection. That is why the connection of our roller blinds with systems such as Fibaro, KNX, Apple HomeKit, Qubino, Home Assistant is done plug & play easy. Guaranteed!

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* Fibaro Group materials

Our roller blinds are compatible with smart home systems.